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Grant Guidelines

Prior to submitting a proposal, an applicant should review these guidelines to be certain that there is a realistic likelihood that the applicant’s proposal is within the Tippett Foundation’s areas of interest and complies with the guidelines set forth below.


The Foundation will consider grant requests in the following areas:

Elder Healthcare. Organizations established for or involved in providing care for or research into the causes and cures of illnesses affecting the elderly, such as cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure and heart disease), cerebrovascular disease (strokes), depression, falls and injuries, and osteoporosis.

Musical Education. Organizations that provide educational opportunities in the musical arts for young people. Although college level programs will be considered, programs directed to younger individuals will be given the greatest consideration.   Private schools and programs as well as publicly-supported schools and programs will be considered.

Theater Arts. Organizations that promote theater arts and including educational programs and outreach.

Animal Welfare. Organizations that provide services or support for animal welfare.


The Foundation supports specific programs, and discourages requests for funding general operating expenses, to reduce debt or correct operational deficits, for general fund drives or annual appeals. The Foundation will not provide funds directly to individuals and does not make loans. The Foundation will not provide funds for athletic organizations, non tax-exempt organizations, other private foundations, political organizations or to national organizations and/or their local chapters. It is recommended that applicants seek other potential sources of support. Sole reliance upon one source may work against a favorable decision. Only one proposal from any organization will be considered in a given year. If a multi-year grant is made to an organization, no new proposal from that organization will be considered until all payments of that grant have been made. The Foundation tends to favor local San Diego County based organizations.