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Grant Submissions

The Foundation accepts written proposals submitted by mail or an online submission. Most grants are expected to be small ($5,000-$15,000) reflecting the foundation’s limited budget, although there are no fixed minimum or maximum amounts.

For written proposals submitted by mail:

The Tippett Foundation does not have a formal application form. An organization with a grant proposal meeting the guidelines above may submit an application comprised of the following:

  1. The name of the requesting organization, address, telephone number and contact person.
  2. A statement briefly describing the proposed project or other use of the requested funds, the specific objectives to be accomplished, and the geographic area and target population to be served.
  3. A project budget showing sources of financial support committed and pending, and how the requested funds will be used.
  4. A description of the method to be used by the organization to evaluate the results of the project and a plan for sustaining the funded activity after initial funding expires, if appropriate.
  5. A brief history of the organization and the background and qualifications of the individuals involved, including a list of the Board of Directors and administrative staff.
  6. A current financial statement of the organization identifying all income sources for the organization.
  7. A copy of the organization’s latest determination of federal tax-exempt status, along with a statement that no change in that status has occurred since the determination was issued and no change is anticipated.

Completed grant applications should be mailed to:

Robbin C. Powell

The William and Ruth Tippett Foundation

2604 B El Camino Real, #356

Carlsbad, CA 92008


To submit a Grant Proposal online:

1. Please arrange all documents listed above into one (1) PDF document.
2. Fill in the form below and upload the proposal where shown:

Fill out the form below to start the submission process:

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